The search for experts and unions has started

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Submitted by Webmaster on June 11, 2016 - 7:13pm

Today we have started sending out invitations to experts for joining Opiniorate. With these experts we hope to add good content to the website. Tomorrow we will also start sending out invitations to unions. We have selected some 20 of them.

We also collected relevant e-mail addresses for the first 6 employers that were selected for Opiniorate. This was not an easy task. Many companies are not stimulating the sending of e-mails. Usually you can fill in a form. But adding an attachment (our brochure) is almost impossible. We did succeed however in finding the right e-mail addresses. We will use them the coming days.

Unions and experts can also contact us on their own initiative via

Why employers need to be brave

At Opiniorate brave employers engaging in discussions with their employees are seen as top employers. And these brave employers willl benefit according to experts.

In an attention-grabbing article in Fortune issued in May 2002 Ram Charan and Jerry Useem elaborated on the fall of several US Fortune 500 companies. They conclude that corporate failure is often related to managerial error. Poor communication is mentioned as one of the facts causing the errors. The boss is more feared than the competition. Charan and Useem quote Daniel Goleman, a psychologist, saying that subordinates are afraid to tell the boss the truth. Even when a boss doesn't intend to quash dissent, subtle signals - a sour expression, a curt response - can broadcast the message that bad news isn't welcome.

Opiniorate now offers a new safe way to inform the boss and to help him or her to prevent managerial errors based on a lack of information.

Read the article of Charan and Useem.