About the makers

Opiniorate.com is a website of LiqueFactive, a company in the Netherlands. LiqueFactive specializes in communication solutions. With a blend of flexibility, efficiency, technology and ideas LiqueFactive distinguishes itself from other firms.

LiqueFactive strives with its intranet services to offer affordable and effective communication channels to organizations and individuals that do not possess the same means as those with whom they are dealing. Anyone willing to sponsor our activities is invited to contact us via info@liquefactive.nl or to visit our Support us page. 

LiqueFactive has expertise in the field of information and software development. For the development of websites, we work with Drupal, a well-known open source Content Management System (CMS).

More information on how to contact us and on the whole range of services can be found at LiqueFactive.com.

LiqueFactive is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague under number 50288997. Our VAT id is NL822705771B01.

Eric Wassink is director at LiqueFactive since 2010. As a political scientist and cultural anthropologist Eric has a fascination for big companies, how they work and sometimes do not work. The goal of Opiniorate.com is to help employees who want to have conversations in a safe way with colleagues and thus to help employers learn from the views of their personnel. Opiniorate, with the special services it offers labor unions, also provides these unions a helping hand in reconnecting with the views, needs and demands of workers.