Rules of conduct

For the exchange of information on Opiniorate you must abide to the following rules.

It is strictly forbidden on Opiniorate to disclose "trade secrets" also known as "proprietary information". This refers to information that’s not generally known to the public and would not ordinarily be available to competitors except via illegal or improper means. Common examples of "trade secrets" include manufacturing processes and methods, business plans, financial data, budgets and forecasts, computer programs and data compilation, client/customer lists, ingredient formulas and recipes, membership or employee lists, supplier lists, sales trends, strategies, forecasts, legal issues and future promotional activities, etc. "Trade secrets" does not include information that a company voluntarily gives to potential customers, posts on its website, or otherwise freely provides to others outside of the company. 

Don't give out personal information about customers or employees. If your employer in a complaint can prove that you do so that is a reason for us to remove that information immediately and that may be a reason - if you do not change your behaviour - for us to make known your email address to your employer.

You may not in any way attempt or allow others to use the services to engage in fraudulent or criminal acts, spread 'adult content' advertisements or unwanted mails (spam) or threaten other persons or organizations. If you do so your account will be blocked, your contributions will be deleted and your email address and IP number will be disclosed for investigation. Don't use music, images, video, or other content that you don't have the rights to. Using copyrighted material is almost always against the law and can lead to expensive lawsuits.

LiqueFactive CV denies as owner of this website any liability for the accuracy, completeness or availability of content that you post.

By using the services of, you acknowledge that LiqueFactive is in no way liable for damages arising as a result of the use, downloading, posting of sensitive content or spreading viruses through content that you have posted.

Remember that if you use your real name critical statements about your work - despite their value - could lead to problems with your employer. Make sure that with information that you provide you are not disclosing your identity.

To register as an employee of your employer you must use the email address available through your employer. Based on the domain name of your email address you will be identified as an employee of your employer but only when this employer is one of our selected employers. Your email address is not visible to others. Should you still be recognized, then the responsibility for this rests entirely with you.

Exercise restraint. If your comments and other content do not contribute to making a general issue discussable they will be removed from the website.

Also remember never to use names in discussions on Opiniorate. Employees that do not share criticism from colleagues on the employer are explicitly invited to participate in the discussion to give their view.

Discussions are removed over time, once they are no longer relevant.