Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about

At, during the registration of an account, we use e-mail accounts for warranting that someone who claims to be working for a company truly is. User accounts will automatically be given an anonymous name in accordance with the name of the employer. Certain discussion fora on the website are only available to the employer, the employees and unions.

Why are user accounts free of charge?

User accounts are free to make our services accessible to as many people as possible. Our business model is based on donations from supporters and users, including users with an employer or union account, that support us with a one time or monthly donation not related to any services they get in return.

What to do when receiving an e-mail from us with an activation link for a free account without having requested this yourself?

It is possible that someone who is familiar with your e-mail address is responsible for this, most likely a colleague who wants to stimulate you using the free services on If you do not want to use your account for whatever reason, simply ignore the mail. When you click on the link 'Unsubscribe' at the end of the mail your e-mail address will be registered as an e-mail address never to be used again by

Is Opiniorate an independent platform?

Opiniorate (or LiqueFactive the company behind Opiniorate) has no special relationships with any other organization, union or employer. We have an understanding for unions but we are not related to a particular union. Our goal is to help employees who want to have conversations in a safe way with colleagues and thus to help employers learn from the views of their personnel.

My comment was removed from the site. For what reason?

If your comments or other content do not contribute to making a general issue discussable they will be removed from the website. Even so we think discussions should be open, Opiniorate is aimed at improving working relations within a company. If we feel that certain contributions are counterproductive we interfere.

Someone is misbehaving, what to do?

If you feel that comments or other contributions are offending or are in no way related to the intentions of Opiniorate, please report them to us via

My employer is missing, what to do?

With help of donations by organizations and individuals we want to upsurge the number of businesses on Opiniorate. If you feel that the need for a certain company to be added to Opioniorate is great, contact us via and we will see if we can prioritize your wish.

I would like to help to give a certain company priority in being added to Opiniorate, is that possible?

Yes, you can help us by sending text via describing the history of the company (with indications of your sources).

Are donations outside the scope of VAT?

Yes, since our donors get nothing in return for donating the donation falls outside the scope of VAT. Sometimes services are extented on request (for example adding an employer to the list of selected employers) but this added employer will not be removed from the website when no donation from the requesting party follows.

Do the nominated employers agree with being selected by Opiniorate?

The CEO of every nominated employer will receive an invitation to use the employer account that is created for him or her. Thus the employer can take part in discussions. Employers that toe the line will be reckoned as being brave employers. With an employer account an employer has access to all content on the pages that are dedicated to the employer on Opiniorate.

As a union, how can we attain an account?

Opiniorate will actively send unions free user accounts that identify them as union users. With a union account a union has access to all content of all the pages on Opiniorate. If you have not received one yet and you want to attain an account send us an email via explaining us your function in your union.

Why does a Dutch company focus on employees of companies in English-speaking countries?

As a Dutch company we are an outsider and not a party in national debates. And of course the Dutch, as founders of New Amsterdam, have always shown a certain megalomania, a VOC mentality. The VOC mentality is a term introduced in 2006 by the Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende. Balkenende was referring to the United East India Company (VOC). This trading company, the first multinational in the world, was seen by Balkenende as a company with business intelligence, decisiveness and boldness.

Contact us via if you have a question that is not in the list.