Unions can acquire a user account on invitation or on their request when showing an interest in workers' rights at one or several of the nominated companies on Opiniorate.

Their membership is free. But unions can contribute on a voluntary basis.

Unions have access to all discussions on Opiniorate and they can start a discussion or react on one in all employer spaces. They can also share information with employers and employees only or with all visitors of the site.

Unions can also engage in discussions with other unions.

Unions can present themselves on their profile page where they can also place links to their own or other websites.

If you are a union rep and interested in joining as a registered union, contact us via info@opiniorate.com.

At the end of this page, as an example, the text of the invitation e-mail that will be sent to the president of the National Education Association is shown. Other unions will receive a more or less similar invitation. In the table their feedback will be summarized into five groupings: lacking unions; willing unions, top unions, rejecting unions and waiting unions:

  • Lacking unions: unions that have not (yet) reacted
  • Willing unions: unions that accepted a user account
  • Top unions: unions that accepted a user account and are using this to participate in dialogues with employers and employees
  • Rejecting unions: unions that did not accept a user account for whatever reason
  • Waiting unions: unions that have not yet been contacted
This is a closed group. Only a group administrator can add you.

Example: e-mail inviting the president of the National Education Association to join Opiniorate

Dear Mrs Garcia,

To safeguard employees trying to improve working conditions, a new website has been developed. It is called Opiniorate (https://www.opiniorate.com). The website offers free services for employees and unions. Opiniorate is a new modern-day possibility for unions to stay in contact with current union members and to get in contact with potential new members. The prime aim of the website is to offer employees safe ways to communicate about their employer and their working conditions. For employees this secure environment is realized by the use of anonymous user names.

Opiniorate is envisioned to be disruptive in a positive way. It offers free effective communication channels to individuals that do not possess the same means as those whom they are dealing with. By studying dialogues on Opiniorate – and preferably contributing to them – employers are given the opportunity to learn from the experiences of people on the work floor.

All unions willing to join this venture receive a free user account with a user name of their own choice. This account permits them to communicate and share information with employers and employees. Unions are also given a blog and a web page on the website where they can introduce themselves and where they can add links to their union website or campaigns.

In a brochure enclosed in this e-mail you can find more details about Opiniorate. The website is currently still in a testing phase but even now fully operational. No promotional activities have been undertaken so far as some things regarding the hosting of the website still have to be handled. To finance a proficient hosting for a period of at least one year that will allow us to welcome the many visitors that we anticipate, we are working on a crowdfunding project at Kickstarter.com. In the future we anticipate a business model for Opiniorate that is based on voluntary sponsorships by employers and unions that feel that Opiniorate really has value for them. Of course we hope that your union will be one of them.

We are momentarily also contacting experts to join the venture as expert users and to advise us on how to operate Opiniorate in a correct manner. Experts are selected based on their expertise in the field of human resources and/or as advocates for workers' rights.

Opiniorate is a product of LiqueFactive, a Dutch company. With Opiniorate we are targeting employees and unions in English speaking countries. More information about Opiniorate can of course also be found on the website (see the FAQ there).

Let us know if you would like to accept this offer for a free user account for your union and if so which user name you would like to use. You can also name two employers that you would like us to add to the website with priority. We are also looking forward to learn from any remarks from you or your team about the website.