How it works

Employers ‘out of their comfort zone’ for their own benefit

Opinorate safeguards employees trying to improve working conditions. It offers free services for employees, employers, unions, job seekers, journalists and experts. The prime aim of Opiniorate is to offer employees safe ways to communicate about their employer and their working conditions. For employees this secure environment is realized by the use of anonymous user names.

Opiniorate is envisioned to be disruptive in a positive way. It offers effective communication channels for free to individuals that do not possess the same means as those whom they are dealing with. By studying dialogues on Opiniorate – and preferably contributing to them – employers are given the opportunity to learn from the experiences of people on the work floor.

Free automated registration procedure

People that register a free user account are recognized as employees of a company with help of their company e-mail address. The registration process includes answering an e-mail sent for validation to the specified e-mail address. This means that only the person with access to this company e-mail address can attain this account based on that e-mail address. At the end of the registration process, which takes less than a minute, a user receives a username related to the company (for example ‘Employee-344-IBM’). Once registered as an employee of a selected company this offers the employee access to pages on the website that are not publicly accessible.

Advantages for unions

Opiniorate is a new modern-day possibility for unions to stay in contact with current union members and to get in contact with potential new members. It is up to the different unions themselves how active they would like to engage in discussions or share content (about membership possibilities or campaigns) on Opiniorate.

All unions willing to join Opiniorate receive a free user account with a user name of their own choice. This account permits them to communicate and share information with employers and employees. Unions are also given a place on the website where they can introduce themselves and where they can add links to their union website or campaigns. This means that for a union Opiniorate offers free publicity without any obligation.

Other user types

Job seekers
The described registration procedure only works for companies that are selected for the website. Momentarily only 6 companies are selected for the website, but this number will promptly increase the coming months. For the moment people registering without a recognized e-mail address are automatically labelled as ‘job seekers’.

The employer is also invited to take part in discussions. Every employer is offered a free account under a name that identifies the account as belonging to the employer. Employers are contacted to discuss the proper name to be used. Employers that accept the offer and take part in the discussions on Opiniorate will be honoured as brave employers. Read more on the rating of employers.

Experts are selected based on their expertise in the field of human resources and/or as advocates for workers' rights at one of the nominated companies on Opiniorate. Expert users are also ambassadors and members of the online advisory board with separate discussion fora about how to operate Opiniorate with integrity. These discussion fora are available only to them. Momentarily experts are contributing on a voluntary basis. Experts can present themselves on their profile page where they can also place links to their own or other websites.

Representatives of the media are added (journalists) on their request when they show an interest in one or more of the nominated companies on Opiniorate. Momentarily their membership is free. Journalists can present themselves on their profile page where they can also place links to their own media website or other websites.

Pages available in an ‘employer space’

Opiniorate offers several pages per selected employer. The combination of these pages is called 'a space'.

General information pages: history and careers
There are two general information pages, one about the history of the company and one giving some information on career opportunities at the company.

Limited shared dialogues
One page is called ‘Limited shared dialogues’. On this page, employees are discussing topics of their interest. The dialogues are visible to employees but also to the employer and to unions.

Limited shared info
Another page called ‘Limited shared info’ allows the employer, employees and unions to share information only among each other and not with other users. Employees, unions and employer can comment. The content can take the form of a text, a link, a video or a combination of these items. The content will be available via a new web page.

Shared info
Two other pages are visible to all visitors of the website. One is called ‘Shared info’. It allows employees, employers, unions and experts to share content related to the employer. Users with an account can comment. The content can take the form of a text, a link, a video or a combination of these items. The content will be available via a new web page.

Ask an employee
Another public page is ‘Ask an employee’. On this page registered users can ask employees questions about their work and respond to their answers. Other users can also respond to answers or answer questions themselves. Visitors on the site short of a user account can only read the questions and answers.

Your opinion
Finally one page called ‘Your opinion’ is only accessible to employees. This page contains questionnaires about the employer and the employee that can be answered. Thus a rating of the employer will be possible once enough employees answer these questionnaires.

Crowdfunding project in preparation

The website is momentarily still in a hosting environment that does not allow the thousands of daily visitors anticipated once more people learn about its presence. To finance a proficient hosting for a period of at least two years a crowdfunding project on is being prepared. On Kickstarter donations are only becoming effective once a certain threshold is passed. This guarantees sponsors that the money will be spent well.

In due time a business model for Opiniorate is anticipated that is based on voluntary sponsorships by employers and unions that feel that Opiniorate really has value for them.

The video for the crowdfunding project in preparation

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Visibility of pages available in an ‘employer space’

Opiniorate offers several pages per selected employer. The combination of these pages is called 'a space'. The visibility of different kind op pages per employer is shown below per type of user.

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Website in 'beta'

This website is launched in ‘beta’. This means that it is expected to function impeccable but that it is still in a state of testing.

Your feedback is very welcome in fixing remaining bugs. Currently no bugs are known.

We are looking for sponsors to increase the number of selected employers and to help us hire a hosting that will allow many visitors simultaneously using the website.

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Trade secrets

It is strictly forbidden on Opiniorate to disclose "trade secrets".

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