The history of JPMorgan Chase & Co is nicely documented in a brochure of the bank. It can be downloaded usings this link. Many video's about the history of the bank can be viewed on YouTube. A selection is shown in the sidebar.

The man associated with the bank, John Pierpont Morgan, was born in 1837, in Hartford. His father, Junius Spencer Morgan ran a successful Hartford dry-goods company. Later he became a partner in a London-based merchant banking firm. J.P. Morgan studied in Europe but began his career in 1857 as a banker in New York.

Morgan made his money by reorganizing and consolidating troubled railroads. With his influence based on his wealth Morgan helped the United States during several economic crises. Thanks to Morgan in 1895 the gold standard was rescued when he headed a banking syndicate that loaned the federal government more than $60 million. Several years later he convinced several wealthy people to help several financial institutions in dire straits in order to stabilize the American markets.

Several years later he was criticized for being too powerful. He died at age 75 in 1913, in Rome, Italy.


Some videos about J.P. Morgan are added below.